America The Beautiful: New York

Welcome to America the Beautiful, your private tour of the largest wine producing states: California, New York, Oregon and Washington. With all 50 states producing great, affordable wine, U.S. wineries are enjoying record sales and harvests to the delight of vintage-savvy and price-conscious consumers. With you in mind, here’s our must-read guide to the newest trends and best selections in New York.


The third largest wine producer in the country, New York boasts five major wine regions covering nine appellations with fertile glacial soil and ideal grape-growing micro-climates.

The award-heavy Finger Lakes wine country specializes in internationally-known Sparkling Wines, Rieslings, Pinot Noirs and Ice Wines, plus Chardonnays and the dry red Cabernet Franc. It also is proud of its historic French-American and Native American varietals. All, especially the Rieslings, thrive in the cold-weather climate that presents cool, sophisticated grapes resulting in apricot, melon and citrus tones in the whites, Merlots that rival those of California, and a zippy opulence in the sparkling wines.

One of the oldest and most historically important wine areas in America, the bucolic Hudson River Valley’s pride are its distinctive white French-American and European varieties, including creamy dessert wines.

Champlain Valley of New York, nestled along Lake Champlain, is rapidly emerging as a worthy contender for award-winning vintages with new cold-friendly strains of grapes. Treasures include semi-dry Seyval Blancs, peachy dessert wines and full-bodied red Marquettes, often blended with St. Croix grapes for unique and alluring combinations.

Two newer regions to follow are the Niagara Escarpment and its unique climate that is one of the warmest in New York State due to proximity to the Great Lakes, and Lake Erie, whose best sellers are in the sweet and semi-sweet categories.

Vineyard on Keuka Lake, New York, with autumn trees in the background

Interested in some of our favorite wines from New York? Here are some of our picks:

Salmon Run Pinot Noir

Bully Hill Sweet Walter Red

Dr Frank Semi-dry Riesling

Salmon Run Riesling

Ravines Dry Riesling

Let’s keep this tour going. Share your favorite wines from these four regions, and why they make your mouth dance.