Explore our Kosher Wines

Hanukkah begins on December 22nd and we have a wide selection of Kosher wines to celebrate it with! Along with carrying most of the traditional favorites, many of our stores have several new varieties as well. Visit our website to see our full list of Kosher wines or keep reading for a list of a few of our favorites!



Bartenura Moscato


This Moscato is a classic wine that will always be a favorite! This wine, in its iconic blue bottle, has been a popular Kosher wine for decades.




Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher


Cabernet Sauvignon pairs excellently with many holiday meals making this Kosher wine a great choice for any occasion!





Mt Tabor Galilee Chardonnay


Chardonnay pairs well with a wide range of foods and this one is no different! Enjoy this Kosher Chardonnay with your favorite holiday meals this season.




Alate Kosher Wine


Another iconic Kosher wine, this Spanish red is very food-friendly and will make a welcome addition to your holiday spread!