Wine Insider Tips – Get To Know Serge Doré

Nicole Brassard-Jordan, Wine Marketing Specialist.

For this week’s Insider Tip, I would like to talk about a special importer of French wines that we do business with – his name is Serge Doré and he owns Serge Doré Selections. 

You might be wondering why I would mention an importer to you. Well, some importers bring a very important element to fine wine retail shelves. No one can be an up-to-date expert in every region of every country, or have time to seek out small selections traveling the countryside unless your company is built on doing just that- they are the experts! They make the selections you see on our shelves diverse and unique, and not the normal big brands you see in every retail wine setting.

Serge’s mission is a gift to us all: to bring the highest quality wines from the very best but least known vineyards of France into the glasses of American consumers at the most affordable prices. logoV3

Our case sale through September7th, is focused on wines from France. In select locations, we have placed rack displays dedicated to the new wines of Serge Doré selections. After one sip, you will know that when you pick a bottle off our shelves with a back label that say Serge Doré Selections, it’s got to be good!

Are you intrigued and want to learn more about Serge? Pick up one of our Celebrate NH magazines available in all NH Liquor & Wine Outlets. Serge is featured in the “World of Wine” article. To learn more about his wines and any other Insider Tips visit

Want to meet Serge? He’ll be in NH to take you on a “tour in your glass” to some of France`s most important regions. You can register for the event here.

Wine Insider Tips are brought you by our Wine Marketing Specialist, Nicole Brassard-Jordan.