‘Tis the Season for Cordials and Liqueurs

The Holidays are upon us once again–and perhaps more than ever–this year, we need the comfort and joy that cordials and liqueurs offer. There’s no better time to stock up on these quintessential sippers than now!

In the United States, the terms cordials and liqueurs are generally used interchangeably. They are made from spirits (liquors) such as brandy, rum, whiskey, vodka or gin (or others) that have been sweetened, infused and/or flavored. In the United Kingdom, the word cordial is also used to describe a non- alcoholic sweet liquid, such as a lime cordial.

These delightful beverages are typically (but not always) less in alcohol than “hard” liquors, most of which are lower than 40% (80 proof). Products like Chambord or St. Elderflower and cassis can be used as mixers in making a charming champagne cocktail for your guests. Cordials can also be served indulgently and unabashed on their own after a hearty meal. Try an intense dram of Drambuie or the distinctive and elegant Italian hazelnut liqueur Frangelico. Warm a snifter of B&B (Benedictine and brandy) over a cup of hot coffee after a hearty winter meal to warm the heart and soul. 

With all the festivities surrounding the holidays, cordials are a celebration in their own right! Sweet, flavorful and indulgent cordials sing an aria of flavors in a rainbow of colors. Let us help you discover the vast sea of them we offer this holiday season.

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