Thanksgiving Wine Roundup 

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us are already planning our menus, envisioning golden roasted turkeys, creamy mashed potatoes, and delectable pumpkin pies. While the food is undoubtedly the star of the show, let’s remember the crucial supporting role played by Thanksgiving wines. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or someone seeking guidance on the best wines for your Thanksgiving feast, our Thanksgiving Wine Roundup will point you in the right direction. 

Traditionalists’ Delight: Pinot Noir 

Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for those who prefer the classics. Its light to medium body, red fruit flavors, and balanced acidity make it a versatile option that pairs wonderfully with roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings. Opt for a Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley or California’s Russian River Valley for an extra touch of elegance. 

White Wine Wonder: Chardonnay 

White wine enthusiasts, rejoice! Chardonnay’s rich, buttery profile with apple, pear, and vanilla notes complements the turkey and creamy side dishes. Look for a well-balanced, unoaked Chardonnay if you prefer a crisper style, or go for an oaked one for a more indulgent experience. California and Burgundy are renowned regions for Chardonnay production. 

Something Unique: Gewürztraminer 

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, Gewürztraminer is an intriguing choice. This aromatic white wine offers a burst of floral and tropical fruit flavors with a hint of spice. Its sweetness pairs well with spicy dishes, making it an ideal companion for the non-traditional Thanksgiving spread with a bit of a kick. 

Sparkling Elegance: Champagne or Sparkling Wine 

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, and what better way to do that than with a bubbly selection? Champagne or sparkling wine adds a touch of elegance to your holiday table. Its effervescence and crisp acidity can cut through the richness of the Thanksgiving meal, making it a perfect choice for an aperitif or a toast before dinner. 

Red Blend Allure: Zinfandel 

Zinfandel is a terrific option for those who want a red wine that can stand up to the bold flavors of Thanksgiving. Known for its jammy fruitiness and hints of black pepper and spice, Zinfandel complements dishes like sausage stuffing and dark meat turkey. Look for a Zinfandel from California’s Sonoma County for a well-balanced choice. 

Earthy Complexity: Beaujolais 

Beaujolais, made from the Gamay grape, offers bright red fruit flavors and a touch of earthiness. It’s a versatile red wine that pairs wonderfully with light and dark-meat turkey and various side dishes. The light to medium body of Beaujolais won’t overwhelm the meal, making it an excellent option for those who want a balanced wine. 

Dessert Delight: Port or Sherry 

Don’t forget about dessert wines to accompany your sweet treats! Ports and sherries, from dry to sweet, come in various styles and can be the perfect finale for your Thanksgiving feast. A tawny port with its nutty notes or a rich, sweet cream sherry will complement pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or any other indulgent desserts you serve. 

A Few Tips for Thanksgiving Wine Success: 

Consider Your Guests: Remember your guests’ preferences when selecting wines. Offering a variety ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy. 

Temperature Matters: Serve your wines at the appropriate temperature. Whites should be chilled, while reds benefit from a slight chill to room temperature to bring out their flavors. 

Balance is Key: Look for wines with good acidity to balance the richness of the Thanksgiving dishes. 

Don’t Stress: Ultimately, the best wine for your Thanksgiving meal is one you enjoy. Feel free to experiment and discover new favorites. 

From old favorites to new arrivals, New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet has the perfect wine to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner. This holiday, let wine be the starring accompaniment to your feast, elevating the dining experience for all your guests. Cheers to a memorable and delicious Thanksgiving celebration! 

Our Recommendations: 

19244 – Trimbach Riesling
23719 – Trimbach Frederick Emile RSV Reisling
14401 – Chateau Chamirey Mercurey Rouge
44986 – Gruet Rose Brut
29077 – Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Don’t Forget The Post Meal Port!

21033 – Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Tawny