What Exactly Are Power Buys?

power buys

Power Buys are a creation of the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets marketing team. We wanted to bring the special offers we occasionally receive from our suppliers for items they represent that must move at the winery to create more space for new products.

The wineries are highly motivated to create fantastic prices to ultimately be passed onto our customers. Think of it this analogy; when a car dealership is ready to receive the next year’s allotment of vehicles, what do they do? They greatly reduce the prices of the current stock in creative ways to make room for the new vehicles. That doesn’t mean the current vehicles are not as good as the new ones right? It’s simply a result of having a finite space in which to hold their stock. The same thing happens in the wine world. Wineries create new products for each vintage, but there is almost always a shortage of space to store them. They will sell their wines in many ways: the bulk of their product will probably make them their full mark-up, but as the new product becomes available and they are in need of storage, they have to get resourceful and move any remaining stock out.

This can mean anything from a slight discount, to even being sold at a loss in order to make room for the new vintage. This is where we come in. Suppliers offer us these wines at significantly reduced prices and we pass these substantial savings onto you!

Here are some Power Buys that we recommend right now!

Viberti Chardonnay is an artisan producer in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy that produces stunning Barolos and who also makes this quaffable, delicious Chardonnay. Because we have built a relationship with the Viberti family, we are able to offer it at a fantastic price right in time for our current Power Buy sale where you can save 15% off for 12 Power Buys mixed or matched until April 26th. Stock up for summer on this beauty! Serve with light appetizers or shrimp spritzed with lemon.

Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc River Ranches is a single vineyard expression of this noble varietal and over-delivers for the price. We think you will be surprised by the complexity of this wine as it can stand up to some substantial summer foods. Grilled chicken or Angel hair pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and Parmigiana Reggiano cheese with a hearty dose of good olive oil would be a perfect paring!

Our old friend John Buehler offers us his stellar Buehler Chardonnay at incredible prices every once in a while to make room in his warehouse for his newest wines. John’s wines are always articulate in their varietal expressions and this delicious Chardonnay is no different. A perfect sipper for the summer months ahead. Try this with Grilled Halibut or Swordfish.

At first glance, Carmel Road Drew’s Blend Pinot Noir looks very light in the glass. That is a sure sign of elegance as it does not overpower. It will be a wonderful summer wine, as it is lighter and refreshing in style compared to heavier fashioned Pinots. Pinot is actually great with red sauce pasta! This particular one would pair nicely but would be equally at home with a roast chicken.

Buena Vista Merlot is a wine from another of our friends; Jean-Claude Boisset who has transformed this once somewhat tired winery into a tremendous producer of noble varietals, such as this Merlot. If you thought of Merlot as too soft, give this a try. It delivers beautiful balance along with surprising complexity and is a steal for the price. Merlot often works best with the same foods as you would pair with Cabernet Sauvignon. Think hearty beef dishes like Braised short ribs, or if you want to be outside, a grilled porterhouse with a side of mushrooms would be ideal.

Luna Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills (Sta. Rita Hills) is arguably California’s premier location for stellar Pinot Noir. The wines from this tiny appellation are always greatly extracted, dense, and heavily perfumed beauties. Luna is no different. Deep layers of black fruits sing an aria long after you swallow. If you are a fan of duck – especially duck confit –  this would be an amazing pairing!

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