Organic Wine Market Continues to Grow—Make Sure You’re Stocked

Organic wine is coming to a glass near you.

Wine made with organic grapes is a relatively small segment of overall wine sales—less than 4% of total wine consumption in 2021—but the market is growing at double-digit rates, significantly outstripping other categories. The trend is expected to continue through 2030 and beyond.[2]

Experts attribute the market growth to several factors. One of the most obvious is culture-wide interest in “responsible” buying and healthier choices. Annual organic product sales in general have jumped almost 9% in recent years.[3] Also, supply chain and social disruptions encouraged many consumers to explore and discover new products, with organic products proving to be one of the most dramatic and lasting beneficiaries.

There are estimated to be up to two thousand organic wine producers globally, with nearly half in France alone. In fact, over 90% of organic wine-growing vineyards are in the European Union. U.S. wine producers have been slower to join the organic wine trend, likely due to differing organic requirements, such as prohibitions against additional sulfites.

Millennials are a key driver of organic wine sales, similar to how they are the top organic food and beverage consumers in general. Millennials increased their annual organic food spending as much as 14% in 2019 alone, according to Nielsen. Data shows that as many as 75% of millennials have changed their buying habits specifically due to environmental concerns.[4] A survey about wine expectations conducted in New York and Paris in 2019 revealed that 52% of New York residents and 68% of Paris residents responded favorably to products that use environmentally friendly approaches.[5]

Part of the joy of wine is the stories each bottle tells—how it was made, who made it, and when. Wines with organic backstories tap not only into this tradition but in some ways, serve as a small, sippable zeitgeist for a generation. We recommend giving this trend a try.

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