Meet the Makers: Tamworth Distilling

Situated in beautiful Tamworth, New Hampshire is a distillery with a strong focus on locally sourced ingredients and scratch-made spirits. Tamworth Distillery sits at the base of the White Mountains and top of the Lakes Region. 

Their marketing team was hired by Willian Grant and Sons to design a bottle for a new gin they had yet to create. As they got deeper into the branding, they realized that they wanted the gin to match the packaging, thus the team wound up writing the formula for Hendrick’s Gin. It was only a matter of time before they officially caught the bug and ultimately wanted to create a product that’s ingredients were sourced from the land and had no artificial flavorings. Their mission has been growing strong for 6 years now

The property is nestled along the Swift River and is stunning. The Village of Tamworth is a “blink and you’ll miss it” town and once you discover it you will be in love. Open Thursday-Sunday, you can enjoy a flight or one of the many classes and events that they offer. 

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