Meet the Makers: Fulchino Vineyard

Fulchino Vineyard

Located in Hollis, New Hampshire is a little piece of Italy called Fulchino Vineyard, a small boutique winery with generations of wine-making experience!

Fulchino Vineyard’s story began when Al Fulchino was a child and he used to admire the simple beauty of his grandfather making wine. Some of Al’s fondest memories were of traveling with his grandfather Andrew to the produce center in Everett, MA to pick up grapes fresh from California to make his wine. Zinfandel was the one Al took note of because it was his grandfather’s favorite. He would watch his grandfather make wine with his handcrafted press recalling the unbelievable smell of the wine cellar and the barrels and to this day those memories have always stuck with Al.

When Al Fulchino was about 21, he inherited his grandfather’s wine press and so began his independent personal journey. Al Fulchino has been making wine since 1981, a family tradition going back over 100 years, from Italy. Fulchino Vineyard was started in Hollis, NH in 2007. Visit their vineyard and enjoy the fruits of tradition handed down through generations. 

Check out their beautiful patio and soak up the sunshine overlooking the vineyard. Enjoy Italian-style meats and cheeses while you sip delicious Fulchino Vineyard wine. They are open 7 days a week from 11a – 6p. Visit them online at

Can’t make it to Fulchino this summer? Watch the replay of our virtual event with them here.