Meet The Makers: Flag Hill Distillery & Winery

Flag Hill Distillery & Winery

Flag Hill Distillery & Winery is located in Lee, New Hampshire, situated on a 110-acre conservation land, preserving the land for agriculture use forever. Flag Hill was initially a dairy farm and became a vineyard in 1987. Their winery began in 1990 with their first harvest. In 2004, Flag Hill Distillery began making vodka from the highest quality apples New Hampshire has to offer. Flag Hill is now the largest vineyard and oldest distillery in the state.

Growing Grapes

The vineyard is located on the Lamprey River, where New Hampshire’s cool fall temperatures provide the necessary environment to produce high-quality grapes for intense, aromatic white wines. Harvesting in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit allows Flag Hill to avoid the warmer temperatures that harm these wines’ distinctive floral aromas.

Our wine picks…
  1. Flag Hill Distillery & Winery Cayuga White
  2. Flag Hill Distillery & Winery Apple Cranberry
  3. Flag Hill Distillery & Winery Sparkling Apple Cranberry
  4. Flag Hill Distillery & Winery Cayuga Sparkling White Wine
  5. Flag Hill Distillery & Winery Red Raspberry Fruit Wine

Farm Distilling

The decision to start growing grain and to become New Hampshire’s first farm distillery took years to come to fruition. Since 2015, Flag Hill has been growing grain on their farm and in cooperation with the Coppal House Farm. The agreement between Flag Hill and Coppal House Farm to share land and equipment allows Flag Hill to produce higher quality products while lowering the impact on the environment through proper crop rotation.

Our spirit picks…
  1. Flag Hill Distillery White Rum
  2. Flag Hill Distillery Spiced Rum
  3. Flag Hill Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  4. Flag Hill Distillery Karner Blue Gin
  5. Flag Hill Distillery General John Stark Vodka

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