Mead Wine

Mead Wine
About Mead Wine

Mead wine is a fermented beverage made of honey, water, and yeast, also known as “honey wine.” To make mead, you start with the fermentation. Water is added to dilute the honey while the yeast converts the sugars in the honey to alcohol. Once this fermentation process is complete, the mead is then transferred to another fermentation vessel to be clarified further. It sounds simple but can be as complex as wine grapes. Honey can have many flavor profiles dependent on the flower pollen used.

Our Top Mead Wine Picks
  1. Maine Mead Works HoneyMaker Dry Mead

Tasting notes: The ultimate modern mead is aged with oak chips, hints of wildflower nectar, balanced acidity, and a crisp finish.

  1. Moonlight Meadery Red Dress Mead

Tasting notes: This red currant honey wine strikes just the right balance between the honey and the red currants.

  1. Chaucer’s Pomegranate Mead

Tasting notes: Chaucer’s Pomegranate Mead wine has a distinct taste and is produced from 100% pure fruit or natural honey without the addition of artificial flavors.

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