L’Chayim to Passover!

Today’s options for Kosher wine are far beyond the brands you know only from the supermarket’s “Passover” section. New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet carries a worldwide selection of Kosher wines of all styles to please even the most discriminating wine lovers.

Kosher wine is made like any other table wine throughout the world, with an extra set of rules according to Jewish dietary law. To be deemed Kosher it must be made under rabbinical supervision. The wine must contain only Kosher ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors, and be processed using equipment certified by rabbis for Kosher wines. These wines can only be handled by Sabbath-observant Jews. If the wine is mevushal(or cooked, another step in the process), then it can be handled by non-Jewish or non Sabbath-observant individuals.

Our wine marketing specialist, Lisa, has some special picks…not only for your Passover table, but to enjoy year round.

Code 38407 Barkan Pinot Noir

Code 28412 Bartenura Rosso Toscano, $9.99

Code 28406 Carmel Selected Cabernet, $12.99

Code 28737 Pavolino Prosecco, $14.99

Code 28735 Pavolino Pinot Grigio, $9.99


Pricing valid through April 30th, 2017