June “All American” Wine Sale

With a difficult year for our nation now mostly in our rearview mirrors, we decided to pay tribute to our hard-working fellow Americans and highlight the amazing wines that are made right here in our own backyard. We can all do our part to help rebuild our economy while enjoying the multitude of wonderful wines this country has to offer, and our “All American” Wine Sale will do just that! We are offering 15% off 12 or more 750ml or 375ml bottles of American wine, mixed or matched from June 1 to June 27, 2021. (Some restrictions apply).

Though we have a plethora of terrific wines from sunny California offered in virtually all price ranges, we also have a large collection from Washington State and Oregon. And, let’s not forget the brilliant wines of the Finger Lakes in New York State where German-style Riesling reigns, along with a surprising amount of exceptional reds including stunning Pinot Noir. Looking for a souvenir from your summer visit to our great state? New Hampshire has many wineries for you to visit and we carry many of their products in our stores which are, of course, included in our American Wine Sale.

In the wine world, American wines are considered “New World” wines along with countries like Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and many others. Often, New World wines are more fruit-forward and approachable in style than “Old World” wines made in countries like France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. “Old World” wines often use traditional methods leading to many wines that will do better over time with some aging. Not to say that both styles don’t exist here, but generally speaking, wines will taste fresher and more youthful, especially when they are from California which gets so much sunlight. The sunlight typically ripens the grapes fully which often is not the case in Old World countries. Full ripening leads to fruit-forward tasting wines, with higher alcohol levels that are often very drinkable upon release.

If you are a serious collector of highly sought-after and rare wines, we have an embarrassment of riches, featuring what we believe is the largest selection of ultra-premium wines on the Eastern Seaboard. Our elite marketing team purchases many highly allocated and rare wines – many of which are American – that will make any passionate collector eager to visit one of our many specialty outlets.

Have a favorite American wine? Head on over to one of our many conveniently located outlets and stock up for what we all hope will be a glorious summer. After such a challenging year, we think we all deserve it.

Here’s to a great summer and American wines; Cheers!