Jean-Charles Boisset & Gina Gallo: The Wine World’s Dynamic Duo

Jean-Charles Boisset and Gina Gallo, who are individually leading winemakers in the industry, are soon headed to New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet’s 16th annual Wine Week. Their visit is highly anticipated as they are renowned universally for their accomplishments in the world of wine, individually and together. The couple, who married in 2009, have a shared influence and grasp on the global world of wine, making them invaluable to the industry.

Boisset, who grew up among the vineyards in a wine family in Burgundy, is now the proprietor of the Boisset Collection which boasts 25 unique wineries in France and the United States. Gallo, who is the granddaughter of Julio Gallo the co-founder of E&J Gallo Winery, is now E&J Gallo’s Vice President of winemaking. Individually they each have a tremendous lifetime of experiences in the wine industry, but together, their knowledge and expertise are unmatched. Their accomplishments individually, but also as a couple, are what earned them the Robert Mondavi Wine & Food Award, which until then, had never been awarded to more than one person at a time.

While they grew up thousands of miles apart, Boisset and Gallo were raised very similarly, with a special focus on family, hard work, and of course, good wine. These values can be tasted in all of their wines, from Gallo’s ever-popular Signature Series which is produced from small, carefully tended lots, to Boisset’s Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley which is known for its high quality but also its biodynamic farming. Both Boisset and Gallo share a commitment to their families and the history from which they reign. Though the two don’t usually collaborate on the production of their wines, they do work together to share their values throughout the industry and around the globe.

In addition to their focus on family and the rich history of wine, both Gallo and Boisset have a steadfast commitment to sustainability and the natural land which they use to produce their wines. Both have had sustainable practices and methods carried out in their vineyards and have worked to grow awareness about the needs for sustainability in the wine industry. They strive to not only produce the highest quality wines but to do so in a manner which respects Mother Nature and the natural landscape.

Together, Boisset and Gallo are making a lasting impression in the wine world, as they call it, creating a true dynasty which should last for many years to come. Old and new fans of wine alike will benefit from meeting this power couple and listening to both of their experiences in the wine industry. It is rare for these two wine industry titans to be in the market together, making this year’s Wine Week truly a special occasion. Don’t miss this highly anticipated event,  as it is sure to be impressive.

Both Boisset and Gallo will be attending our Wine Week Spectacular along with our seminar event, Cellar Notes – Wine Dynasties. Both of these events will allow guests to meet and engage with these wine celebrities but also to learn about their wines and the winemaking industry as a whole. Because of their worldwide admiration, we expect tickets to both events to sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets to both the Wine Week Spectacular and Cellar Notes – Wine Dynasties before it is too late!