International Sauvignon Blanc Day: A Wine on the Rise

Raise a glass! May 6 is International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Here are some key facts and trends to pair with this holiday.

“Sauvignon blanc deserves its own day to be celebrated,” says St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery. “This racy grape has achieved worldwide popularity, propelling sauvignon blanc to top-tier white wine status alongside chardonnay and pinot grigio.”

The winery started #SauvBlanc Day in 2010 to “better connect with wine drinkers from around the globe to inspire a truly international, social celebration of sauvignon blanc.” The holiday is now celebrated worldwide every first Friday in May. Use the hashtag #SauvBlancDay to connect with other fans of this remarkable wine.

On the Rise: Sauvignon Blanc Trends

Sauvignon blanc was one of the few wine varietals to see strong dollar sales growth in the United States last year. In 2020, Fortune called sauvignon blanc the “go-to wine for Americans during the pandemic,” and Forbes is predicting even more good news for the varietal: “Americans seem to be gravitating more towards zippy, refreshing white wines, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.”

Sauvignon blanc has been described as the most popular white wine for millennials and a close second to chardonnay among other demographics.

Perfect for Summer: Sauvignon Blanc Characteristics

Fans claim nothing quenches the thirst or revives the palate like a sauvignon blanc.

“Sauvignon blanc is refreshing, easy to identify, and there’s a style for everyone, which is why sauvignon blanc’s fan club keeps growing,” says Wine Magazine.

Sauvignon blanc is generally high in acidity, with grass, grapefruit, and mineral notes.

However, few varietals take on the characteristics of their region more than sauvignon blanc. Cooler climates like New Zealand produce clean, crisp wines with green grass and lemon flavors. Warm regions like California result in round, tropical fruit notes. The famous Sancerre region of the Loire Valley emphasizes acidity and minerality.

Sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley is widely recognized as the gold standard, but other popular or trending regions are Bordeaux, France, Casablanca, Chile, Napa Valley, California, and Marlborough, New Zealand. New Zealand in particular has seen a spectacular rise in popularity in recent years. The region produces distinctly green, ripe, and dry wines with medium to high acidity. Wine experts describe sauvignon blanc from both the Loire Valley and New Zealand as elegant and fresh.

A Study in Flexibility: Sauvignon Blanc Pairings

“Sauvignon blanc is very flexible for food pairings, especially in summer,” says Fortune.

Sauvignon blanc pairs well with herbs, fish, or cheeses (especially goat products like chèvre or Crottin de Chavignol). The wine is often lauded as one of the few that pair well with sushi. And in perhaps the ultimate example of sauvignon blanc’s unique flexibility and summer credentials: one sommelier has even described the wine as pairing well with “junk food,” like a good old-fashioned hot dog.

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