Four Ways To Train Your Employees About Your Wine Aisle!

As you know, educating your employees on the wines you carry can help drive direct wine sales. If they don’t feel confident in the wine aisle, it’s a missed opportunity for your employees to present themselves as industry experts and possibly missed sales. Educating your staff on becoming more confident when speaking about, and hand-selling wine is easier than you think. Here are some tips to keep your employees sharp and your sales pouring in. 

  • Tastings

Holding wine tastings for your employees is a great way to increase their wine knowledge. By allowing them to taste what you’re selling in your stores, they not only learn how to eloquently speak on your products but also feel invested. This is a great way to boost sales and morale.

  • Help is available

Always keep in mind that the winery associations that host tastings in your stores can offer so much more than just tastings. Typically, they will have educational material you can use to train employees. Providing your staff with learning materials benefits them and you in the long run. 

  • Give them something to read

There’s so much information on wine out there! Provide your employees with a weekly tasting note to read and get them more comfortable talking about wine. By having a weekly wine to learn about, you’ll give them what they need to home in on their ability to chat wines. Check out this blog, “New Year, New You – Better-For-You Wines”, for some wine recommendations your employees can make to those looking for new wines that are low-calorie & low-sugar.

  • Reward your team

Quiz your staff and make it engaging by giving incentives for them to learn something new. Wine trivia is a fun way for your team to learn and even win prizes. Looking for some quick wine trivia? Start here. This blog offers fun facts about white wines that will get your employees inspired and engaged.

Helping them gain confidence when speaking on wine products will also create better relationships with your customers who feel that your employees went above and beyond to make a recommendation. Take these tips into the new year and empower your employees to speak with authority in the wine aisle.