Don’t leave the wine aisles hanging: Your guide to hang tags!

Professionally printed bottle neck hangers or hangtags are proven to increase sales due to their eye-catching and consumer-conscious nature. Quality hang tags can make your product leap out at the customer and compel them to choose it over all others. They can vary from providing informative resources, to coupons, and even food pairing ideas. Ensuring a higher ring is a strong retail goal, so we’re offering some tips for you to consider when walking the store.

  • Make sure that wine bottles with neck hangers are towards the front of shelves.
  • Make sure all bottle hangers face the customer as they walk through the aisle to ensure they see the offer that might catch their eye.  
  • If you notice a wine has a great coupon that month on their bottle, consider giving those bottles a more prominent spot in your wine aisle.
  • When making your store announcements over the loudspeaker, consider calling out some of the great wine products you have in that month. Remind customers during that message to check out the hang tags on the wine bottle for exclusive discounts and resources.

Hangtags are there to serve and distinguish the bottles in your store. Put our tips to use this month and watch those sales spike!