Cocktails with a Cause: Highlighting Local Restaurants and Bars Making a Community Impact

In New Hampshire, a state known for its vibrant community spirit, several hospitality businesses stand out for their commitment to giving back. Noteworthy businesses such as Great NH Restaurants, The Common Man family, The Valley Originals, and Cisco Brewers are prime examples of blending service with social responsibility.

Great NH Restaurants and

Great NH Restaurants manages several popular eateries such as T-BONES and Copper Door and operates, which has become a cornerstone of their community engagement. This charitable trust has made significant contributions, including donating over $1.25 million in dining cards to local non-profits, impacting countless lives across New Hampshire. Their initiatives extend beyond monetary donations, as they frequently host and sponsor community events like golf tournaments and culinary events to fundraise for various local causes. These events raise substantial funds and unite people, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

The Common Man

The Common Man family of restaurants incorporates community service into its daily operations, setting a standard for corporate responsibility. With a network of restaurants across the state, they leverage their presence to effect positive change locally. Each restaurant location is encouraged to participate in community service, with initiatives ranging from local food drives to public schools and healthcare facilities fundraisers. Employees are supported with paid volunteer time, enhancing their ability to contribute to the community. This hands-on approach has enriched their service culture and ingrained a strong sense of local loyalty and support among their patrons.

The Valley Originals

The Valley Originals, a cooperative of over twenty local restaurants, operates on a model of shared responsibility and community support. These restaurants substantially support local charities and non-profits by pooling a portion of their profits. In the last year, they have donated more than $350,000, supporting over 200 youth sports, health care, and cultural development organizations. Their efforts are a testament to the power of collective action, demonstrating how businesses can come together to impact their community significantly. The Valley Originals also prioritize sourcing local ingredients, further supporting local farmers and producers and reinforcing the community-centric nature of their business.

Cisco Brewers Portsmouth

Cisco Brewers Portsmouth crafts distinctive beers and cultivates a community spirit by supporting local events and causes. A prime example is their role in hosting the annual New Hampshire Brewfest. This festival, held on the brewery’s scenic grounds, is more than just a celebration of craft beer; it serves a greater purpose by supporting the Prescott Park Arts Festival and contributing to a scholarship fund managed by the Master Brewers Association of Americas (MBAA). This event highlights Cisco Brewers’ commitment to combining their love for brewing with meaningful community support, ensuring that each pint delights the palate and positively impacts the community. Through events like the Brewfest, Cisco Brewers showcases how businesses can leverage their resources and public presence to foster community growth and support educational initiatives.

New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet salutes these local businesses that exemplify how dedication to community welfare can coexist with hospitality. Through their various programs and initiatives, they contribute financially and help build stronger, more resilient communities in our great state.