Cider House Rules


New Hampshire specifically, and New England in general, are to apples, what grapes are to the famed Napa Valley. Therefore, we have some of the best ciders in the country in our own backyard. The local ciders are created from a variety of Heritage apples that are both rare and distinctive in flavor and have a wide range of flavors and styles from sweet(ish) to bone-dry. Unlike the typical ciders that most consumers are familiar with (AKA hard ciders), these impressive products relate more with Champagne and sparkling wines than anything else. They can be surprisingly complex with a wide range of flavors that are as at home with food as Champagne or premium sparkling wines.  Certainly, these delicious Heritage ciders are perfect for the glorious New England fall but are enjoyable year-round and for any special occasion. We’ve selected just a few great ones to get your cider journey started, but are among many others we currently offer.

43918 Farnum Hill X-Dry Cider 750mL

This extra dry sparkling cider made from 100% New Hampshire grown heritage apples features rich golden hues with complex aromas of fruit and earthy tones. It boasts a complex pallet, with desired astringency and acidity that make this semi-dry cider a perfect companion to food. Its clean and lively profile will not compete with food, but rather, enhance them. It pairs beautifully with any heavily spiced Asian cuisine as well as Indian fare.

33077 Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider 355ml/4PK

This rustic farmhouse-style sparkling cider made from 100% New Hampshire grown heritage apples features a gorgeous pale gold color with aromas of citrus, pineapple, and apple. It has a hint of sweetness behind the tart, and fruity elements that make it very easy to drink. The farmhouse cider is a nice rustic, farmhouse style that is distinctive from other ciders on the market and very worth trying. It would be a great aperitif or first-course accompaniment for almost any dinner.

13454 Eden Heirloom Blend Ice Cider 375mL

This Vermont cider from Eden is their flagship iced cider, which features a great balance of sweetness, acidity, and fruit. Created from 15 varieties of traditional and heirloom apples grown in their own orchard and their partner orchards, it has notes of baked apple, pineapple, and citrus, making it a fantastic cider to pair with cheeses or dessert.

21045 Eden Ice Cider Honey Crisp 375mL

This iced cider is made from 100% Vermont-grown Honey crisp apples. The honey quality of the sweetness in the apples is accompanied by a rich acidity to keep them fresh and crisp. It features flavors of candied lemon, apricot jam, and peach marmalade with a hint of clove. These iced cider pairs are fantastic with a variety of cheeses and other rich desserts.

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