A Wine Week Interview With Lisa Gosselin

In this blog post we prep you for Wine Week with an interview with our Wine Marketing and Sales Specialist, Lisa Gosselin.

  1. Lisa, this is your second year running the Winter Wine Spectacular, tell us some of your favorite things about this event. I love meeting all of the wine makers and wine personalities from around the world. I learn so much from their stories  and experiences. And I love seeing the excitement on our customer(guests)faces when they are talking face to face with a winemaker
  2. This event sells out year after year, are there any plans to further grow the event? We are always looking to further expand this event. This year the grand tasting will be held in the EXPO side of the Radisson. This space is larger and will allow us to increase the number of tickets available this year. It will be bigger and better this year. We will have more winemakers and a more extensive selection of wines and restaurants this year.
  3. What is your favorite part of Wine Week? My favorite part is probably the grand event but I also enjoy the many dinners and events that are going on all week. I love talking to the winemakers and customers that come to these events. They have always have a story to tell about their wine and I find it very interesting.
  4. If you could get any wine maker to visit NH for wine week next year, who would it be? I would love to have Gina Gallo visit us next year. She is the granddaughter of Julio Gallo and is the winemaker of Gallo Signature Series, based in Sonoma. E&J Gallo is the largest family owned winery in the world. I have had the pleasure to meet her and she is  an down to earth, amazing wine maker, and an amazing women and mother.  I’m about 90% sure she will be here next year.

Whether you’re new to wine, an expert or anywhere in between, New Hampshire Wine Week offers opportunities not to be missed. For a full week each winter, the Napa Valley comes to New Hampshire, bringing wine industry giants, educational seminars, hundreds of varietals, gourmet food and more. To see everything Wine Week has to offer visit our events calendar.