Three Tips on Selling Wine to Millennials

As Millennials march toward their 30s and early 40s, they represent a lucrative market. On average, they shop at a grocery store three times per week, according to Food Industry Executive, and they prefer one-stop shopping—which means you’re already ahead of the game by selling wine along with groceries.

Millennials like to shop at stores that align with their values—so be sure to promote your store’s policies or initiatives that demonstrate social awareness.

Millennials also like to wing it, often shopping without a list and deciding on the fly what to make for dinner. Capture their interest by catering to their preference for experiential shopping. Empower this content-driven age group with quick bits of information about wines in your store, which will make their shopping easier, introduce them to products they might not have tried before, and build your store’s relationship with them as they come to trust and rely on the information you provide.

-Create simple description cards for shelves below select wines that call out nuggets of information that Millennials care about—whether a wine is local, for example, or comes from a winery committed to sustainability. Take the opportunity to spark a recipe idea with a label of something along the lines of “Delicious with spring vegetables!”

-Group a handful of wines together for a stand-alone display representing wineries that are local, pro-environment, or otherwise in sync with Millennial values.

-Invite local winery reps to come in and host in-store tasting sessions that provide, through one-on-one interactions with customers, a chance to convey the unique story behind their brand.

Nurture your store’s relationship with Millennials and watch this powerhouse group make your wine sales grow!