Meet the Makers: Moonlight Meadery

Located in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, Over the Moon Farmstead features panoramic mountain views and its very own meadery. Moonlight Meadery was started in 2010 by Michael Fairbrother, whose interest in meadery dates back to 1995 when he tried a cyser (mead that has been fermented with apple juices rather than water) for the first time. He quickly developed a passion and skill for producing international award-winning meads.

Moonlight Meadery’s mission is to produce ultra-premium meads. Since its opening in 2010, Moonlight Meadery has sold over one million bottles and received forty-seven international awards, making them one of the most awarded meaderies in the world.

“Mead to me is passion, it’s about living and love, it’s about enjoyment, family and friends, and sharing,” says Fairbrother.

Michael claims that mead and ciders are only as good as the quality of their ingredients and the passion of the maker. This is why Moonlight Meadery uses only True Source Certified or Certified Organic honey, which is traceable back to the hives and follows ethical sourcing guidelines. They also never pasteurize the honey they use, ensuring that the volatile aromatics of the honey are preserved in their meads.

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