Getting To Know Jack Daniel’s & Buffalo Trace

During a recent company-wide whiskey training, we had the pleasure of hosting brands and their ambassadors from around the world. Today we are filling your tumblers with words of wisdom from two of Americas’ greats: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Whether you are a loyal whiskey drinker or a newbie, their insider knowledge, from personal favorite drinks to the best glass to use for your water of life, is sure to entertain.

Beau Beckman, the Barrel Select Manager of Buffalo Trace, was on hand to answer a few questions and give us some history of the brand. For example, did you know that during Prohibition Buffalo Trace had an agreement in place that let them produce for medicinal purposes? Take a look at what he had to say about everything from flavored whiskey to collectible bottle tops, and if you need a prescription for some Buffalo Trace, consider this blog it!

Have you ever wondered what the difference between Tennessee Whiskey and regular Bourbon is? Don Jean, the Off-Premise Manager for Jack Daniel’s, explains how they are similar yet different in addition to answering some very “swinging” questions about drinking whiskey from the right glass and how Frank Sinatra is connected to Jack Daniel’s. So come fly with us and learn a thing or two about one of America’s most beloved spirit brands!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these interviews and learned a thing or two about two beloved American Spirits!