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If you want to experience a taste from a faraway land, join us for this virtual event with Sami Ghosn!

In 1975 when Sami Ghosn was eight years old, he and his family were forced to flee from their home in Lebanon after a civil war erupted.

In 1992, Sami returned to Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, where he found his family’s home dilapidated, their fruit vines neglected and overgrown, and their land occupied by squatters. “I could have been killed,” Sami says, but he was determined to reclaim his family’s property.

Over time, he revitalized the property and decided to embrace Lebanon’s rich tradition of winemaking. “Our ancestors, the Phoenicians, provided wine for pharaohs,” he notes, and the ancient temple of Bacchus, the Roman god of fertility and wine, still stands in Beqaa Valley. “It’s a paradise for winemaking,” Sami says, with a high altitude, terroir, and microclimate that help produce grapes with exceptional depth and flavor.

If you want to experience a taste from a faraway land, one that represents hope, resilience, and rebirth among hardship and carries a message of tolerance, civility, and friendship, join us for this virtual event. Sami will taste each of the listed products and educate consumers on them during the event. Sami will be joining us live from the Distillery in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley.

  • #5248 – Massaya Aark, $39.99
  • #35190 – Massaya Blanc, $21.99
  • #35184 – Massaya le Colombier Red, $21.99
  • #35199 – Massaya Rosé, $21.99
  • #34676 – Terrasses De Baalbeck Red, $29.99

All registered users will receive a coupon for $3 off any item being tasted!

Pricing is valid through May 30th.

Don’t have Zoom? Watch live on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/nhliquorwine/live

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