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In honor of our Keep It Local sale, we’ll be hosting a live event with the Black Cove Beverages, Makers of Morécello® Blackberry Cello!

Morécello ® is a blackberry cello made by a generations-old secret family recipe that preserves the taste and nutritional benefits of fresh-picked blackberries. It is akin to limoncello.

As a digestivo, it is traditionally enjoyed ice cold in small servings after your meal to settle the stomach “and promote hearty conversation”. But there are also numerous cocktails in which it is the star ingredient or plays a supporting role. And its almost syrupy consistency lends it well to use in or on desserts and other foods.

Want to taste along? Through June 27, we’re offering 20% off the purchase of 3 or more bottles of NH Wine and Spirits, mixed or matched, and any sizes! Visit one of our stores today to find your new favorite.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to win a bottle! You must be able to pick up your bottle in Meredith, NH if you are chosen.

Don’t have Zoom? View through Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/nhliquorwine/live

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