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Let us share the bounty of Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay and Pinot Noir by Fess Parker Winery and Vineyards

Touting one of the most unique viticultural areas that over the last couple of decades has garnered international attention as a world-class wine region known for producing top tier wines spanning a broad range of varietals and categories. Offering some of the most unique topography, climate, and soil found in California, it is easy to see why so many truly exceptional vineyards call Santa Barbara County home. Transverse mountain ranges create a strong, cooling maritime influence off the Pacific Ocean yielding a complex, well-balanced wines. Naturally occurring diatomaceous earth in the soil aids in retaining moisture as well as improved uptake and availability of vital nutrients. Vineyards have diurnal temperature variations allowing for longer hang time. Thus more physiologic and phenolic ripeness is encouraged giving the fruit more mature aromatics without sacrificing structure. In addition, small production, hands-on winemaking that embraces the uniqueness of each vintage allows for true, authentic varietal character to be coaxed from the vines. Wines Featured: Ashley’s Chardonnay Sanford and Benedict Chardonnay Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir Ashley’s Pinot Noir Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir Fiddlestix Pinot Noir or Parker West

  • 21584 Fess Parker Ashley’s Chardonnay
  • 31561 Fess Parker Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir
  • 20545 Fess Parker Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir
  • 26856 Fess Parker Ashley’s Pinot Noir
  • 17510 Fess Parker Fiddlestix Pinot Noir

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